Leadership -- 8th Grade Crew (Period 7)

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Google Classroom codes

Greetings, all.  As a precautionary measure in the event of any possible future school closures, I have created Google Classroom accounts for all classes.  I would still intend to use my current website for communications, dissemination of documents, etc., but there may be reasons to use Google Classroom as well for things such as shared docs, etc.  The join codes are below in case parents would also like access:
Per. 2 AP Lit:  yu3g5s3
Per. 3 AP Lit:  3rof4lh
Per. 4 AP Lit:  tgj522o
Per. 6 Pre-AP 9:  eg2kwg8
College Crew:  hufupsk

Friday is the last day of 1st quarter.  Wednesday, Oct. 9th, is the last day I will accept any make-up work for 1st quarter.  The one exception is rewrites for the  Old Man and the Sea essay (9th grade).  I will accept those until Friday, Oct. 11th. 

My happiest event of the summer was getting two new kittens:  Circe and Medea.  Can't wait to hear about your summer.