Study Skills (Period 6)

Ms. Rae Laing
Special Education

Course Description

The Study Skills class goals are to build greater self-awareness of how each student most effectively learns and to equip students with the "tools" to be more efficient and effective in their work, so that their grades can more accurately represent their intellectual potential.
We will:
  • Determine the student’s learning and study styles, review their current strengths and provide new organization and time management skills.
  • Present new strategies and skills for pacing work.
  • Learn methods to prioritize and create a rhythm for work to maximize efficiency.
  • Understand the importance of text notes as well as practice annotation and creation of notes using student’s individualized learning style.
  • Identify personalized memory techniques to help studying flow more naturally.
  • Explore best practices for test-taking as well as how to analyze multi-step directions to reduce careless errors when taking tests.
  • Understand the importance and necessity of self-advocacy in the classroom.

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