End of Year Materials Return

Dear Parents and Students,

On March 13th, we had not envisioned the end of school year that looks like this one.  I know continuous learning has either been a challenge for your child, or they have learned to embrace this type of learning, or something in between.

As the school year ends, we need to collect ATC’s Chromebooks and textbooks.  We will collect them alphabetically beginning on Wednesday using the following schedule:

Wednesday 2:00 – 4:00 Last names beginning with A – F

Thursday 9 – 11 Last names beginning  G – L

Thursday 12 – 2 Last names beginning with M - R

Friday 10 – 12 Last names beginning with S – Z

If you can not make your assigned time, you may drop off at other assigned times; however, in order to keep to a reasonable number of people, we asked that you try to adhere to the schedule.

The student or the student's representative will enter the bus parking entrance, park, and enter the main door of the new addition.  You will stand on the X's that are on the ground and enter the gym when directed.  You will exit the gym using the door by the music room and exit the building using the far west door.

We ask that you wear masks and use social distancing practices when on campus.  We also ask that you not congregate in the parking lot. 

These instructions will be on the website for your reference.  Stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful summer. 

Cultivating Fearless Learners,

Susan Lumley



*Please note, this message was sent via email and school messenger (robo) call. If you did not receive either of those, please fill out the contact form Here to provide us with correct contact information.