Continuous Learning at ATC

Greetings Parents, Students, and Caregivers,
This is a dedicated resource page for information regarding ATC's Continuous Learning Program during New Mexico's enforced school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
During the state-wide school closure beginning April 1st, ATC's faculty will organize their courses using the following schedule:


1st & 2nd


3rd & 4th


5th & 6th




Optional follow up class meetings


1st period class meetings


3rd period class meetings


5th period class meetings


Crews Meet

If scheduling a follow up class, schedule during “normal” class meeting time as follows to minimize schedule conflicts:

1st: 9:30-10am

2nd: 10-10:30am

3rd: 10:30-11am

11am-12:00pm: 2nd period class meetings


4th period class meetings


6th period class meetings


2-3pm: All staff office hours

2-3pm: All staff office hours

2-3pm: All staff office hours


4th: 1-1:30pm

5th: 1:30-2:00pm

6th: 2-2:30pm

Please review this letter to students regarding the schedule it is intended as a first step to getting started with our Continuous Learning Program.
Teachers are working diligently to re-organize their courses for continuous learning. Teachers will communicate with you regarding course expectations and assignments via google classroom. Students should be checking their google classrooms, calendars, and email daily for updates. Currently, teachers have been using Zoom Meetings and Google Meet to prepare for virtual class sessions per the schedule above. We are learning as you are, potentially, teachers will shift to other applications to better serve our academic program needs.
Here are some how-to tips for using both Zoom and Google Meet:
*Note, there are MANY tutorials online regarding these applications, ATC is does not own this content and is providing these only as an aid to help get started.
It is important for students and families to understand that participation in our Continuous Learning Program requires acceptance and adherence to school and district policies regarding acceptable use and conduct. The "digital spaces" teachers provide to you are, in effect, a school setting. Links to our relevant school and district policies are provided here. Also, all staff and students using 3rd party applications, such as Zoom and Google Meet, must abide by their respective Terms of Service.
Access to Devices and Internet
ATC will distribute chrome books to students who need an internet-ready device for home use on Monday, March 30th from 8:00am to 9:30am. This will be a curb-side pickup to adhere to social distancing practices. Normally, students and parents complete an equipment loan form for home use of school devices. We will not complete this paperwork during our curb-side pick up window. However, ATC will document which students are assigned which device and students are expected to return the device to ATC at the end of this school year and once current public health orders allow. A device replacement fee of $150 will be assessed to the student's fees and fines account if the device is not returned.
ATC recognizes that reliable internet connectivity may be challenging for families during the school closure. Both Comcast/Xfinity and Century Link have low-cost internet programs for families who qualify and Comcast/Xfinity has announced it will offer this service for free for 60 days. Also, NMPED has set up a hotline for students and families for a range of support needs, including community resources for internet connectivity, meals, child care etc. at 1.833.551.0518. 
Please also know that we understand this is a challenging time for many of us. ATC's teachers and administrative staff want to do anything we can to support our students and families. Our counselors and front office staff are accessing our school voicemail and forwarding calls. Please contact us for any support needs.
For more information about New Mexico's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to our previous news article and letter, which links to the Department of Health and NMPED Here
Thank you!