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Parking Information

Academy for Technology and the Classics

Student Parking Agreement

Please read carefully – You will be held to this agreement

  1. If the student has excessive absences and tardiness (3 or more), parking privileges will be suspended and a parent conference will be held.
  2. The parking permit remains only in the possession of the undersigned. The permit must be placed only on automobiles listed on this agreement.  Sharing of permits is prohibited and will result in removal.
  3. Students may not allow other students to drive their vehicle while on campus or have access to their vehicle.
  4. The student ensures the automobile is parked only in the student parking lot. Faculty lots, handicapped slots, visitor slots, and fire/emergency spaces, and sides of the building are off limits.
  5. The student will not have any unauthorized materials or substances prohibited from being on campus by the Code of Conduct in the vehicle.
  6. The student will follow all regulations, procedures, and guidelines regarding speeds and traffic policies relating to the campus and the State of New Mexico, and as specified by the Board of Education.
  7. The speed limit in the parking lot is 5mph.
  8. Students may not leave campus during lunch in their vehicles. Students must notify the office if retrieving items from their vehicle during school hours.
  9. Students may not have vehicles in motion until all passengers are secure with a seat belt. The student-parking permit must be visible at all times.
  10. Report lost or stolen permits to Mrs. Cintas, Office Manager; a replacement of $25 will be imposed.
  11. The student agrees to not aid other students in breaking the Code of Conduct rules with his/her automobile.
  12. If the student has excessive absences and tardiness (5 days or more), parking privileges will be suspended and a parent conference will be held.
  13. ATC is not responsible for any type of vandalism or theft regarding automobiles parked at ATC.
  14. BE AWARE THAT PARKING IS A PRIVILEGE, and can be revoked for the additional reasons at the discretion of school administration, which can include academic, attendance or other disciplinary infractions.
  15. The student agrees that any violations for the above will subject the vehicle in question to being booted or towed at the owner’s expense, and a removal of parking privileges for up to the remainder to the year.
Information Needed for a Parking Permit
Your must have:
1. A Valid Driver's License
2. Proof of Insurance
3. Proof of Registration
4. 25.00