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ATC offers its student a growing number of extracurricular student activities. These activities complement our academic curriculum and are intended to help students explore additional interests, work within teams, build character, develop leadership skills, and foster community. Participation in student clubs is also a means of building relationships and contributing to a connected school culture.  Please talk to the club sponsor if you would lilke to join!


SY 21-22 ATC Clubs & Sponsors include:


OPEN/OR INVITE Club/Group Sponsor 1-3 Sentence Description Meeting Times
OPEN ATC Dance Company Kim Davis We focus on dance performance in three areas: Drill Team, Contemporary Lyrical, and Musical Theatre. No dance experience necessary and anyone is welcome to join regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  
OPEN ATC Theatre Company Kim Davis, Anna Hagele, and Kevin Coen Anyone is welcome to join. We focus on acting and design (costume, set, light, sound, and more)  
OPEN ATC Dungeoneers (Dungeons & Drangons Club) Joel Rivers Fight for the freedom of the realm and learn valuable, real-world skills in student-buit worlds of fantasy, magic and dangerous fun. Beginner or pro, all are welcome! We are a diverse, inclusive club where every student can be themselves even as they pretend to be an Elf, Dwarf, Orc or Dragonborn hero. Wednesdays 12:30. Thursdays: Full Lunch Period. Rm. 206
INVITE Natural Helpers Michael O'Connor & Shannon Hale Natural Helpers is a club focused on training members to be allies in suicide prevention and student support. Natural Helpers provides resources for students' self care. Thursday Lunch 207
Open until October HOSA and STEM Club Joan Henderson & Lindsay McAfee A club for anyone interested in a health career. Students compete via debates, informative posters and/or hands on skills, (ex. CPR) and attend regional and international (in USA) conferences. Support will be given for students wishing to compete in the STEM club challenge again this year. Thursdays during ER , Students can come after ER if needbe. Room 302. Ananya and Yahir (seniors) will run HOSA meetings on STEM ER days in Ms. McAfee's room and Ms Henderson and Ms. McAfee will support STEM Club students every other on Humanities ER days. STEM club will also be meeting on Wednesdays at lunch in 302.
Closed for the year (full) Music Club Ranah Yaqub A laid-back club in which we listen to and discuss music weekly at lunch. We do not play music--a common misconception. Lunch on Tuesdays at 12:30 in room 209
Closed...2 spots ? Mountain Club Joaquin Martinez Cultural and Environmental Restoration club where we camp and travel to exotic places to work and have fun. 4 Camping/work trips per year. Scheduled as needed.
INVITE National Honor Society Change in Sponsor: Anna Hagele Our group honors students for their exemplary achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Our primary purpose is to serve our community, both locally at ATC and around the larger Santa Fe community. As a member, you will take part in group community service projects and be a leader in our community. Tuesdays at 12:05 in Room 111
Open Chess Club Robert Mathis We have an active and well-attended chess program at ATC, open to all levels of players. We attend 5 tournaments over the course of the year, but tournament attendance is not required. Tuesdays and Fridays from the end of school to about 5:00 or so.
Open New Beginnings M Arhontas Students exploring self & identities in a safe space. Fridays 12:30 rm 109
invite/closed WAVE Juli Wellness Ambassadors to Voice and Empower: WAVE is a group of students who meet weekly and work toward individual and community-wide wellness. Among other things, WAVE organizes ATC Be the Change Day and ATC Day of Silence. ATC's WAVE is part of a district-wide wellness program. Thursday Lunch in the Conference Room
Open ATC Yarncrafter's Guild Rhonda Gardner Having fun with all things Yarn Related...The possibilities are endless! Wednesdays afterschool