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Student Activities

ATC offers its student a growing number of extracurricular student activities. These activities compliment our academic curriculum and are intended to help students explore additional interests, work within teams, build character, and develop leadership skills. 2018-2019 ATC Clubs & Sponsors include:

ATC Student Council - Joaquin Martinez & Jennifer Cintas

Green Team - Andrea Gotcher

Chess Team - Robert Mathis

Creative Writing - Kristen Holzer

Dance Committee - Jennifer Cintas

Debate Club  -  Robert Mathis

Film Club - Michael Hatcher

Honor Society - Jennifer Ferguson & Jess Biscamp

Mentor Program - Rhonda Gardner

Natural Helpers - Shannon Hale, Vanessa Salazar and Michael O'Connor

Mountain Club - Joaquin Martinez

SWAT - Shannon Hale

SAGA - Juli Bray Morris

Relationship Allies - Juli Bray Morris

Super Computing Challenge - Jenifer Hooten

Tech Club - Kevin Coen

Shakespeare Club - Kristen Holzer

Women Empowerment - Tim Host

Music Club - Ranah Yaqub and Andrea Gotcher