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ATC offers its student a growing number of extracurricular student activities. These activities compliment our academic curriculum and are intended to help students explore additional interests, work within teams, build character, develop leadership skills, and foster community. During remote learning for SY20-21, participation in student clubs may also count towards required community service as a means of building relationships and contributing to a connected school culture. SY20-21 ATC Clubs & Sponsors include:

Please complete the 20-21 Club Sign Up form to join!

Club Sponsor Meeting Times
Amnesty International
Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.
Dawn Grocz
Each Wednesday
Computer Science Club - Create projects and a portfolio with a chance to take the AP Computer Science Exam to earn college credit. Complete this AP CSP Information Form to get more information.
Delara Sharma
*9th Grade only*
Meeting times TBA by 9/7
Chess Club
ATC's Chess Club is a perennial contender for state championships, both middle and high school.
Robert Mathis
Need student input for best time/day
Creative Writing Club
Write in response to creative prompts, share writing in a "writing workshop" format, talk about your writing successes and struggles, work on the ATC Literary Zine!
Kristin Carlisle
Each Monday
Dance Club
Dance club is the committee that works to plan, setup, and clean up for school dances. Dance club works closely with student council
Jennifer Cintas
Bi-weekly Tuesdays
Design Club
Design touches every aspect of contemporary human life ranging from consumer products to housing to graphical user interface on screens. The Design Club will collaborate with professional designers through student-led design projects and activities.
Numair Latif
Each Thursday
Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeoneers will forge alliances, bring peace, and face the dangers and wonders of unknown lands.
Joel Rivers
Michael O'Connor
Each Wednesday
Film Club
Explore the magic of movie-making through the seminal works of cinema.
Michael Hatcher
Each Friday
beginning 9/4
Green Team
A group of students who are active in environmental conservation.
Michael O'Connor
Numair Latif
Each Thursday
Music Club
Music Club is a great way to discover new artists and jams! We meet every week to listen to and discuss music of all genres.
Ranah Yaqub
Numair Latif
Each Thursday
National Honor Society
Our group honors students for their exemplary achievement in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Our primary purpose is to serve our community, both locally at ATC and around the larger Santa Fe community. As a member, you will take part in group community service projects and be a leader in our community.
Jennifer Ferguson
Jess Biscamp
*NHS is invite only*
Every other Friday
3:00-4:00 beginning 9/11
Current Members: watch for an email from Ms. Ferguson/Biscamp for Zoom link
Native American Student Club
Tim Host
Each Wednesday @ 2pm beginning 9/2, times subject to change
Native American Allies Club
Tim Host
Each Friday @2pm beginning 9/4, times subject to change
Natural Helpers
Natural Helpers is a club focused on training members to be allies in suicide prevention and student support. Natural Helpers provides resources for students' self care.
Vanessa Salazar
Shannon Hale
Michael O'Connor
*Invite Only*
Each Wednesday
NM STEM Challenge
The New Mexico Governor’s STEM Challenge is an engineering design initiative that invites high school STEM classes to imagine, design, and build project models in response to an annual Challenge question. Student teams compete at a Statewide Showcase for a chance to win $5,000. Prototypes are judged and prizes awarded by local STEM industry employers. 
Jennifer Ferguson
Numair Latif
The Challenge team is up to 10 participants, grades 9-12. First come first serve. Please email Ms. Ferguson or Mr. Latif about joining
Times TBA
Relationship Allies
Relationship Allies is a group of students who meet each week to learn how to become healthy relationship allies on campus and in the community. We refer to the Straight Talking curriculum from, attend annual training and create crew presentations. Members are trained and offer peer to peer support around dating and friendship issues.
Juli Bray-Morris
*Invite Only*
Times TBA
Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA)
SAGA is a peer education group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, plus (LGBT+), and straight students who support each other and educate the campus.
Shannon Hale
Each Friday
Student Council
Our goal is to foster community within the student body by providing opportunities for inter-grade communication and friendship; additionally, ATC Student Council wishes to provide every student with the resources and infrastructure to engage in activities and interests that are important to them in the context of the school environment.
Joaquin Martinez
Jennifer Cintas
Each Thursday  10:30-11:15am
VEX Robotics (MS/HS)
Explore VEX IQ or V5 Robotics and participate in local and NM State Competitions. Each team is capped at 12 participants
Delara Sharma
Each Wednesday
Wellness Ambassadors to Voice and Empower: WAVE is a group of students who meet weekly and work toward individual and community-wide wellness. Among other things, WAVE organizes ATC Be the Change Day and ATC Day of Silence. ATC's WAVE is part of a district-wide wellness program.
Juli Bray-Morris
Each Thursday
Radio KATC
KATC is our school internet radio station. Students may contribute their own content, promote the station, and participate in weekly announcements.
Eric Carlson
Each Friday
MATH CIRCLES / Competition / Festival
Not the math you do in school!
Lori Brown
Remote: Each Friday 1:45-2:30pm
Hybrid: Tues & Thursday @ Lunch
Speak-up! Toastmasters
The Interpersonal Communication program from Toastmasters helps build effective listening and communication skills while understanding your own communication style. Join Toastmasters International today and become a more confident speaker, communicator, and leader.
Jeanette Alsabah
Fridays 2:30pm-3:30pm
Student Equity Club
This club is meant to be a space for students of color to discuss issues of race/culture in their lives and as students at ATC. I would like the club to be mostly student-led; my role is merely to be the facilitator.
Andrea Cermanski
Each Wednesday
1:30-2:30 or during lunch, TBD
Middle School Drama Club
For any/all middle school students interested in the dramatic arts!
Kevin Coen
each Friday
Test Anxiety Group
This is a counseling group for students that experience test anxiety
Shannon Hale
*Invite Only*
each Friday


For clubs/activities listed as "invite only" please contact the club sponsor for details/criteria to join.