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PLEASE NOTE: This page is under construction as we prepare for the 24-25 school year. Check back often for updated links and information!

New 7th Graders

Jumpstart is scheduled for Friday, August 9. Students should arrive by 8:55 and be finished by 4:15 PM. During Jumpstart, students will have an opportunity to play games, make friends, build community, receive their schedule and Chromebooks, find their classes, and meet their teachers.

23-24 Calendar

New 8th - 12th Grade Students

Orientation is scheduled for Friday, August 9. Students should arrive by 8:55 and be finished by 4:15 PM. Students will have an opportunity to meet some of our current students, get to know each other, visit with our counselors and front office staff, tour the school, and meet their teachers.

ATC school

New Families

For all new students and families, in case you missed it, here is the presentation we shared during our registration event. Some information has changed since Spring but is a solid overview of the school program, staff, and resources.

New Families Welcome


Here's the 2024-2025 School Calendar. Note that early release days are every Friday at 3:30 PM (except for the first week of school and the week after winter break!).

For more info, visit:

24-25 School Calendar

Bell Schedules

The regular bell schedule is your normal week at ATC. Alternative Bell schedules will show what to expect during snow days and exam days.

ATC will continue with block schedules this year. Students will only have three blocks/periods from Tuesday to Friday, plus a flex period. Crew classes only meet on Tuesdays - Thursdays. On Mondays, students will have all six periods, and there will be no flex period or Crew class.

For the year-long schedule, go to:

Bell Schedule

Cell Phone Policy

ATC is currently developing a cell phone policy for students. More information will be posted as it becomes available.


School Supplies

School Supply Lists are available by grade level.

Please note if you do not see a course listed, the teacher may provide a supply list during the first week of school.

For more info, visit: Link to be posted soon!

school supplies

School Lunch

Per the Healthy Hunger-Free Students Bill of Rights Act, all meals will be offered at no cost to ATC students. The SFPS District provides food services.

All students attending ATC will need to complete a meal application. Please complete an application at MySchoolApps beginning July 1, 2024. Although we are offering no-cost meals to all students, we continue to be responsible for collecting eligibility data. This information determines eligibility for P-EBT as well as funding for Title I, E-Rate, and other programs that benefit students

For the safety of all students, ordering and/or receiving food from delivery services such as Doordash, Grub Hub, Fetch, Uber Eats, etc., is strictly prohibited. Any deliveries will be held in the front offices until the end of the day.

For more info, visit:


Santa Fe Public Schools has not yet released their school bus transportation routes for ATC. We will post those on our website as soon as we receive them, so please be on the lookout. Please consider utilizing the bus service this school year. We have requested that the district increase the number of routes and hubs for both morning and afternoon routes but have also seen decreased usage, which makes the request difficult to justify.

For more info, visit:



Student Devices

ATC will continue to offer a 1:1 Device Take-Home program. Chromebooks will be issued to all students. Students will be responsible for bringing their devices to school daily with a full battery charge.

Devices will be distributed at the beginning of each school year. Families must review the Device Program Manual AND complete the Device Program Acknowledgments form. An email with the form will be sent to families in August.

For more info, email:


Office Aides

10th-12th grade students who would like to serve as an office aide, teacher’s aide, or technology aide, need to apply for the position using this application form and return it to Jennifer Cintas, or in person by August 16th. Being an aide is a great way to learn communication and organizational skills while helping our school run smoothly. Apply soon!

For more info, email Jennifer Cintas,

office aid app

Student Parking

Students must purchase a parking permit and complete a Student Parking Agreement by August 23rd. To receive your parking permit and assigned parking spot, please bring your completed agreement, proof of registration and insurance, and a $25 payment.

Reminder: As noted in the agreement, ATC is a closed campus. Visiting your vehicle during school hours is prohibited without prior permission from the front office.

For more info, email Mike Cintas,

The parking permit agreement will be posted soon!



At ATC, we are committed to NMAA Standards of play in all aspects of our athletic programs.

Basketball, Cross-Country, Soccer, and Track and field are ATC team sports. However, eligible students can participate at their SFPS-zoned high school in sports not offered at ATC, such as baseball, football, volleyball, and wrestling.

All athletes must have a current physical on file with Vanessa Maryol, the Athletic Director.

For more info, see the ATC Athletics Handbook or contact the Athletic Director, Vanessa Maryol at

boys bball team


ATC offers its students a growing number of extracurricular student activities. These activities complement our academic curriculum and help students explore additional interests, work within teams, build character, develop leadership skills, and foster community. Participation in student clubs is also a means of building relationships and contributing to a connected school culture. Most clubs meet during the Flex period, meeting times will be updated soon. Please talk to the club sponsor if you would like to join!

For more info, visit the Activities page


Apps For Parents & Students

Students will use many of these apps throughout their day and are encouraged to download them to their phone or tablet so they can quickly access school info at home or while on the go.

Parents are encouraged to download the apps for PowerSchool, Canvas (Parent version), Remind, DeansList, SCOIR, and the ATC School App. Your student will need to invite you to the SCOIR App.

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Google Play

App Store

ATC School App

The ATC App is like having the ATC website on your phone. With the ATC app you can:

  • View a live feed of our social media postings

  • Check the calendar for upcoming games and events

  • See what is for breakfast & lunch

  • View the Staff Directory

  • Check the scores for all sporting events


Google Play

App Store


Parents/caregivers may review their student's grades and homework assignments anytime via PowerSchool. If your child knows that you are checking his or her grades & attendance, it will help ensure the completion of their assignments and increase their academic success.

Parent/Caregiver PowerSchool Access

Parents who want a PowerSchool account must fill out a form required by the Santa Fe Public School District. If you already have an account or forgot your username or password, please go to

For more info, visit


Google Play

App Store


Remind is the official school communication app. Teachers and school staff will use Remind to send important announcements and messages about school events and inform you of any school delays or closures. Family members registered as "Parent 1" and "Parent 2" in PowerSchool already have an account in Remind. Please sign in to Remind using the same email in PowerSchool.

Families and students are encouraged to download the app and set up their notification preferences. For instructions on changing your notification preferences, visit

Please Keep in mind:

  1. Please do not add your phone number to your child's account. Doing so can cause you to accidentally merge your parent account with your child's account, and this action is irreversible.

  2. When you download the app, push notifications are turned on, and your text and email Remind messages are automatically disabled - so you do not receive duplicate notifications.

You must change your notification settings if you want text messages or emails!


Google Play

App Store


DeansList is a platform for behavior and grade-related communications. Families will receive weekly reports about their student's absences/tardies, grades, and infractions. Families are required to sign their child's weekly report digitally.

Families & Students


Google Play

App Store


Each year, students must complete community service hours. Mobile Serve is the platform students use to track Community Service hours. When a student submits their hours, they must enter the name and email of the supervisor, along with a brief description of the service performed. Once submitted, the supervisor will receive an email with a link to verify the service hours. Lastly, the crew teacher will review the information the student and supervisor submitted and then approve or deny the submitted hours.

When students download the mobile app, submitting hours becomes much easier! With the app, students are encouraged to submit a photo of the service, tag their GPS location at the time the service is performed, and get a supervisor's digital signature on the phone or tablet - doing all 3 ensures expedited approval by the Crew Teacher.

Students sign in to the app with the "Sign in with Google" button and then use their ATC email address and password. This app is specific to students; there is no parent version. Students can also download a transcript of community service hours for college applications.


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App Store


Flexible learning time is an hour dedicated at the end of the day, Tue-Fri for students to engage in co-curricular activities and receive additional help and support from faculty and staff.

Three main activities include:

  • Clubs and Groups

  • Tutoring Intensives (teacher selected)

  • Study Halls (Independent & Collaborative)

ATC uses Flex time to increase opportunities and availability for students to engage in school activities; decrease the “busyness” of lunch time; increase self-directed learning and students’ ability to respond to and manage rigorous course loads, group projects, capstone projects, etc.; and decrease the impact of athletics, afternoon appointments, and other necessary absences from class time


Google Play

App Store


Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that supports learning and teaching. It allows teachers to post grades, information, and assignments online.

Parents/Caregivers can sign up for a Canvas Observer account. With an observer account, a parent/caregiver can:

  • View Information for only their students

  • View a summary of all current overall grades for courses

  • View course calendars and assignment deadlines

  • View assignment details and submissions

  • View course and school announcements

  • Email Teachers

These slides will guide you, as the parent/caregiver, through setting up your Observer account and linking your profile to your students'.


Google Play

App Store


Scoir is a free college search and application management system that connects everyone involved in the college admissions process. The Scoir platform connects students to a powerful set of tools to help them identify their talents, search for their college fit, plan with their supporters, and apply when ready. We have chosen Scoir to help you navigate college selection and applications. If you are familiar with Naviance, Scoir is the replacement.

As a parent or caregiver, you play an integral on the Scoir by providing your student(s) with college suggestions, financial information, and general guidance. Below is a short video to see how Scoir works.

How to access your Parent Account

As a safe, secure, student-centric college search platform, your child must first invite you to connect with them on Scoir. Parents or Caregivers cannot sign up for Scoir independently. Follow the link in the invite email you've received to get started. If you don't receive an email, remind your student to invite you.

For more information, visit



Clever is a single-sign-on platform students use when signing in to a variety of apps and websites used by ATC. Common apps students sign in to through Clever is Canvas, MyFlexLearning, MobileServe, SCOIR, MidSchoolMath, etc. Students can also use Clever to save their username and password for other common sites such as PowerSchool and New York Times (education). There is not an app needed for your phone or tablet. Students simply go to and login with their ATC Google account. Clever has discontinued the parent portal as of July 1, 2024.


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App Store


Follett will be used as a inventory management system. Families will receive an email from Follett when their student is issued school equipment such as a textbook or Chromebook. Shortly before school starts, families will get an email from Follett with a digital version of the ATC Device Manual and the Student Device Acknowledgement form. A signature will be required before your student can use an ATC Chromebook or computer.

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