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ATC Governing Council
Election Guidelines for October 21, 2021 Election of Governing Council Members
September 24, 2021
ATC administration shall give notice of nomination process, candidate forum, and election process through posting on ATC website, sending a letter home to parents/guardians, and School Messenger parents/guardians.  All parents and guardians of current ATC students and all ATC teachers and administration are eligible to vote
Two Council members shall be elected:  
Position One - member must be a community member who is not a parent of a current ATC student
Position Two -  member must be a community member who is not a parent of a current ATC student and has a background in accounting, finance, or familiarity with public entity budget and fiscal operations
The term of office is November 2021 through October 2024. An application form for candidates will available through the ATC website and through ATC's office. ATC administration will send a press release to Santa Fe newspaper announcing nomination and election process
October 12, 2021
Nominations MUST be submitted to ATC administration by October 12, 2021 by 5:00 pm
Candidates must fill out nomination form developed by ATC administration with pertinent contact information and a statement of interest; candidates may supply a resume
Nomination forms must be submitted by email to, or by mail or by hand delivery to ATC c/o Jennifer Cintas

October 15, 2021
ATC administration shall give notice of all candidate nominations by posting on the ATC website, sending a letter home to parents/guardians, and providing parents/guardians with a School Messenger
Candidates shall be posted alphabetically by Council position sought, i.e., parent/guardian member or community member
ATC administration shall have prepared ballots and the voting roll; election committee, composed of persons who will assist in conducting the election, shall have been selected by ATC administration
October 19, 2021
ATC holds candidate forum via Zoom at 5:30PM (Link will be posted on our website calendar)
October 21, 2021
ATC holds Governing Council election in ATC front office, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Election committee counts ballots and announces results, which are posted on ATC website as soon as practicable

November 18, 2021 @ 5:30pm
ATC Governing Council holds organizational meeting, inducts new members, and elects officers

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  • 25% First generation college attendees, class of 2019
  • $3.3
    in Financial Aid, class of 2019
  • 1132 SAT Average, class of 2019
  • 22 ACT Average, class of 2019
  • 324 AP exams completed, SY18-19
  • 215 Completed College Applications, class of 2019
  • 31124 Hours of Community Service, and counting