Student Council

Our goal is to foster community within the student body by providing opportunities for inter-grade communication and friendship; additionally, ATC Student Council wishes to provide every student with the resources and infrastructure to engage in activities and interests that are important to them in the context of the school environment. These goals will be achieved through close cooperation with the PTSC, administration, and other relevant bodies.

ATC Student Council is open to everyone. Any one can join and participate on events and projects. This is your opportunity to help make positive changes for your school and your community while having fun and forging relationships with other students. There will be no elected delegates. All participants will have the title of Student Council member and will actively participate by being a member of at least one committee. Meetings are held every Monday during lunch.  Join the Google Classroom for Student Council by using the code: dtgcjse

All planning for School Dances will be carried out by the Student Council, but will take place with the guidance of Ms. Cintas.  Dance Committee meetings are held every Tuesday in the Front Office.  If you have any questions about dances, please contact a Student Council member or Ms. Cintas.

The Student Council Leadership Team for 2018-2019 is:





12th Grade Class President:

11th Grade Class President:

10th Grade Class President:

9th Grade Class President:

8th Grade Class President:

7th Grade Class President: