Music and the Arts

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Any day of the week, ATC students hear the distinctive effervescent sound of marimba music floating through the air while music classes are rehearsing. ATC has an incredibly unique music program led by Folk Music specialist Eric Carlson. Marimba, Acoustic Americana and Audio Production classes are offered in a setting that fosters musical creativity through a traditional, yet thoroughly modern context.

If you visit the ATC Visual Arts room, you will likely encounter a group of creative and engaged students immersed in art-making. You might find them working on a Cubist-inspired still-life, learning color theory, creating sculptures out of recycled materials, or painting a pointillist-style portrait. Our Visual Arts program has at its core the creative development of students, with a curriculum steeped in art history, artistic techniques, critical analysis, and exploration of media. Students show their work throughout the year: at Light Up the Night in December, at Warehouse 21 for the annual Arts Night in late winter, and periodically in the school office. You can view samples or ATC student work in our virtual artwork gallery. Classes are taught by Andrea Cermanski, a professional artist who shows her work on Canyon Road and in Mexico.